Beautiful Ivory paper box design - Printable on all paperweights

Printing on Ivory paper box creates a glossy surface that brings high effectiveness to the printed format. This is also the most commonly used paper material by Hoang Vuong to produce paper boxes as it is widely chosen by customers and meets both quality and cost factors.

Depending on the paper weight, the Ivory paperboard used to make the box will have different thicknesses to fit the product inside. At Hoang Vuong, Ivory paperboard holds many products such as cosmetics, drugs/dietary supplements, consumer goods packaging boxes, etc. The paper is durable, easy to design, and produce.


What is ivory paper?

  • Ivory paper is a type of paper with a very high level of smoothness and brightness due to being processed through equipment. Ivory paper is coated on one side, and the other is rough white.
  • Glossy paper brings high printing efficiency. The coating layer on the surface is skinny, providing increased durability for the box.
  • Ivory paper can be used for cutting, embossing, folding, and die-cutting,... bringing more attractiveness to packaging.
  • This type of paper has the characteristics of being strong, lightweight, and porous. Additionally, it can withstand a good amount of force.

Standard basis weight and dimensions of ivory paper

 Some common sizes and weights of ivory paper are:

  • Weight of Ivory paper: 190, 210, 220, 230, 250, 300, 350, 400 gsm
  • Depending on each type of business item, the size and weight of the paper may vary to meet customers' needs.

Look at some Ivory paper box samples produced by Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging!


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