Duplex paper is widely used in printing products for daily use. We may have used products made from duplex paper without really understanding it. Therefore, this article will help you learn more about duplex paper, such as its characteristics, classification, applications, advantages, and reliable printing services that use duplex paper.

What is Duplex paper?

Duplex paper usually has two sides: one is coated with a gloss finish, and the other is uncoated. This type of paper is often produced using advanced technology to cover the paper surface. The duplex paper also has a specific thickness and high stiffness, making it suitable for making sturdy or large paper boxes. The paper can differ in both the ink color and the color on both sides.

Classification of Duplex Paper

Regarding the shape, duplex paper is commonly used in two primary forms:

  • Roll form with large size
  • Pre-cut form to specific sizes.

Additionally, duplex paper is also divided into two different types:

  • One-side duplex paper: a type of paper coated on one side, with medium weight, usually at 210g/m2
  • Two-side duplex paper: a type of paper produced by applying modern technology to coat both surfaces. The weight of this type of paper is typically above 250g/m2.

Weight of Duplex Paper

The normal weight of duplex paper usually ranges from 250 gms – 500 gms. The central unit of paper weight is g/m2, so the meaning of this symbol is calculated based on the weight of a sheet of paper with an area of 1 m2.

Applications of Duplex paper in printing


With many unique characteristics, duplex paper is often used in the printing industry for specific products such as:

  • Used in printing product packaging.
  • Due to its smooth and glossy finish and good ink absorption, duplex paper is often used for printing specific products, such as Packaging boxes for cakes, cosmetics, medicines, gifts, and office supplies.
  • As a material for printing corrugated boxes and large-sized cartons that require high stiffness.
  • Printing office stationery such as envelopes and folders is familiar with duplex paper due to its good stiffness and standing shape.

In addition to the typical applications that can be easily seen in daily life, duplex paper can also meet the requirements of packaging products that require rigidity, durability, and standing shape. The duplex paper has good color capture, but the color fastness is not high as other types of paper. After printing, the product may experience color bleeding or fading if subjected to many impacts on the surface.

Advantages of using Duplex paper include:

  • In addition to the variety of sizes used for many products, the duplex paper protects and preserves products very well.
  • Paper boxes printed on duplex paper look bright, elegant, and sturdy.
  • The surface of products made from duplex paper can easily print information related to the business, such as logos, labels, contact information, product information, etc.
  • Clear information printed on paper boxes or products using duplex paper has a good brand promotion effect.

Where should you print products using Duplex paper?

With many advantages in terms of stiffness and color retention when printing, duplex paper is widely used in printing packaging products and paper boxes. Research and choose reputable printing and processing locations to ensure the quality of printed products. If you are still wondering where to print products using duplex paper, please get in touch with us, Hoang Vuong - Vietnam's number one digital design platform.

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